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Eight Poetry Winners

Eight of our students were selected for publication in Poetic Power, a student anthology of poetry!! This publication by Creative Communications is designed for students through ninth grade and accepts less than 50% of its submissions. Additionally, all eight of our students now move on to be considered for a Top Ten prize.

Each of these students took part in our annual classes and wrote their poems as part of our spring poetry unit. The poems selected represent many hours of hard work and careful revisions. Please enjoy these winning poems.

A Book?

By Merrick B., Florida, 8th grade

it is a portal to another realm
with pages and ink so fine
an idea that takes root like an elm,
and a vast bowl of knowledge
where creativity can dine

My Disney World Nostalgia

By Janelle M., Maryland, 7th grade

Oh, what a carefree and blissful person was I
Before the darkness of age came to light
I see my past self wander throughout Main Street
Thinking, “What has happened to all those memories?”
A single tear runs down my cheek
As I reminisce on the little version of me
I think of what I have gone through
After all these years
Both physical and mental
I think to myself
It is only by God’s grace that I am still here

I keep walking through Main Street
With a faint smile on my face
Thinking, I love this magical place
My life is a gift
No one should judge me for believing that
But I am growing up fast
And that is a fact

The Lonely Little Shadow

By Joanna C., Pennsylvania, 8th grade

I sat by myself on the bleachers while all the other kids laughed and chatted with their friends.
All they see is a shadow, a ghost, a creature unlike them.
I didn’t know why they glared, pointed, and giggled, if not only to make me feel bad.
The other kids didn’t realize how lucky they are to be rich with friends.
How fortunate it would be to not be an outcast, to not be mocked or laughed at, to not be the lonely shadow.
They would only accept me if I agreed with them, even if it was against my morals.
I found some friends but I wasn’t me, just wearing a painted mask.
I would feel so alone but somehow accepted; empty and evil, hating the mask I wore.
Gossiping and lying behind backs; I would join in on the harsh conversations about kids who were different.
I once did this to someone and made them feel awful– I couldn’t do it any longer and my wonderful friends quickly scattered.
It’s better to be the one alone, than to have two-faced friends that gossip and are cruel to others.

Majestic Eagle

By Kiran B., Georgia, 7th grade

Soaring above the clouds where the airplanes play.
Proud and tall amongst the giants of the forest.
Diving, more gracefully than the Olympic high divers, in search of food.
The appearance of a bald man.
Brown coats, lighter than air.

Building Blocks and Dominos

By Nathan P., New York, 7th grade

A massive city slowly growing with towering buildings and beautiful skies,
Little people hopping around talking and singing and doing daily things
They go to work, have lunch breaks and go home, like normal people

The scene suddenly changes and there’s a king in a castle,
Loyal subjects sitting at either side
The farms outside with wheat and animals
Cows, sheep, and pigs eating delightfully

Now the people are in a forest trying to find their way
Looking either side to try and find people
They wander aimlessly and stumble upon water that leads to civilization

Now I just see the buildings as colored blocks and the people and animals as dominoes.
They’re sitting in my closet gathering dust, but yet I refuse to get rid of them.
Some days I dream that they still have the magic inside

Gathering Memories

By Trinity B., Georgia, 9th grade

My eyes are blinded by tears
As I leave
You who kindly drove for hours
Just to spend time with us
Sharing your history
And watch countless cartoons without complaint
Even the reruns on repeat
Especially Scooby-Doo, episode two
You who gave me my first and second swing
And happily rode with me on the lawn mower
Sunglasses and wide-brim hat on
Your round stomach
And thin-wired glasses
You, my grandfather
My Opa
Whose death did not seem real
Until later
As I walked away from the chapel
You weren’t coming back
But I knew you wouldn’t be hurting anymore
Where you are now

The Leaf

By Andrew L., Ohio, 9th grade

It slowly falls from the heavens
It’s as animated as could be
Until it meets the ground and deadens

It’s brown yet was once green
It has no arms, no head, no knee
No heart, no brain, no eyes, no spleen

What can it be, may you ask?
Well, it is tiny, smaller than me
Describing it is a grueling task

For some it provides sanctuary
Namely, it shields the fly and the flea
Yet it does not remain statuary

Light as a feather and flies like one
You could say they are quite free
A pile of them results in quaint fun

Now I’m sure you know about what I speak
And if not, you shall soon see
A simple leaf has been my subject, pure and bleak

I Wish

By Maysie B., Washington, 8th grade

O brother, I wish I’d tried to know you better
When you painted mugs with my sister and I
The shards now kept safe in a box of memories.
When you noticed what we liked, and gave us little gifts.
I wish I had noticed you more.
When you let me paint D&D figurines, you guided me.
I wish I hadn’t taken you for granted.

When you came for Christmas, and gave us the best gift:
A wedding certificate, you were my new brother-in-law.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Everyone celebrated and talked and laughed.
That Christmas was our merriest.

But we’ll never see you again.
Now you lie still in the earth.
Your heart has stopped and ours have broken.
You once changed us, brought us joy.
Now I can only wish, and hold these memories.

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