Write From The Heart

Our 30-week, full-credit classes combine the flexibility of self-paced instruction with interactive workshops led by professional teachers. Find your best fit below.


Composition 101A

Grades 6-7 | $545

Introduces early middle school students to the fundamentals of writing in several different genres.

Composition 101B

Grades 7-8 | $545

Designed for the beginning middle school student to discover a wide variety of writing styles.

Composition 102

Grades 8-12 | $545

Equips middle and high school students in thesis, research, and creative writing.

Composition 103

Grades 8-12 | $545

Continues to instruct students in writing styles and introduces the different ways that critical thinking can improve writing.

Composition 104

Grades 8-12 | $545

Honors composition: designed for advanced students who have shown a strong mastery of voice and the structures of various types of writing.

"You have been so amazingly available for conferences and comments, and I feel like I am getting more input and help in this online class than I would even normally get in a real-life class! You are always available and willing to answer any sort of question."
Allison, Maryland


Literature & Composition 201: Renaissance to Romanticism

Grades 9-12 | $625

Introduces literary analysis and critical thinking through readings of the 17th & 18th century and writing in several different genres.

Literature & Composition 202: Modern World

Grades 9-12 | $625

Further develops literary analysis and close reading skills through literature of the 19th & 20th centuries.

Literature & Composition 301: World Literature

Grades 9-12 | $625

Explores literature around the world through literature analysis, class discussion, and writing assignments.

AP® English

Grades 9-12 | $1035

Prepares students for TWO AP® tests in one year. Proof of readiness required.

Literature 401: Independent Study

Grades 9-12 | $825

Designed personally for each student based on a project of their choosing.

After our older children graduated from homeschooling high school and completed their first years in college, I asked them what classes prepared them best for college both in terms of content and self organization/time management. Both of them said, "Write from the Heart. Definitely."
Susan, Vermont