Write From The Heart

Why Choose Us

We believe that education is a personal journey of discovery. It is shaped by the personality of the child, the beliefs and values of the child’s family, and the experiences that the child encounters. It should never be undervalued. We desire to come alongside parents in helping each child through that personal journey.

Full Year Credits

Our online program teaches composition and literature. The regular 30-week full credit classes are designed for homeschoolers grades 6-12.
Classes run September-April.


Our 4-week workshops offer students in any school environment the opportunity to practice skills or build their creative portfolio.

New workshops start the first Monday of every month!

Semester Courses

We are now offering flexible semester courses built to satisfy ½ credit/semester requirement. Each module focuses on building mastery of a specific topic area in English language and literature.

“This is the only writing class, within my humble research of the on-line world, that ‘teaches’ writing and doesn’t just ‘edit’ what you write. I can recommend this to anyone who’s willing to work hard. You have been one of the most encouraging and yet firm teachers we’ve experienced. Your praise always encouraged my daughter, and your criticisms were so specific that she learned much from them.”
Linda, Maryland, parent

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