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Wake Up Early: Tips to Get Your Day Started

Wake Up Early: Tips to Get Your Day Started

One of the best ways to improve your productivity (and your mood!) is to start your day early. This is especially important for  parents. When you wake up before the kids, you have a chance to collect your thoughts, get a few things done, and even have a little time to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment.

But, getting up early can be difficult. This is especially if you’re not used to it. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to wake up earlier!

Wake Up!

1. Don’t hit your snooze button. 
It might be tempting to snooze your alarm to get a few more minutes of sleep. But, science tells us that it’s actually bad for you. Not only does it mess up your brain’s natural waking up chemistry, it can leave you feeling more tired than you would normally be if you’d just gotten up the first time that alarm went off. This drowsiness may even last for hours into your day.

2. Take baby steps.
You don’t have to immediately start waking up at 5 a.m. on your first day of your new routine. In fact, you don’t need to wake up a whole lot earlier than you normally do! Take things in baby steps. For example, if you normally wake up at 8 a.m., drop back by half an hour each week. Before you know it, you’ll be waking up with the sun!

3. Leave yourself a present.
Perhaps you leave out the start of a really great breakfast. Or, maybe you put out a really good book to enjoy while you eat. You might even take time to write in a journal. It can be anything that tempts you! The goal is simply to get yourself out of bed and into the first parts of your day.

4. Go to sleep earlier.
Your body needs sleep. If you’re waking up earlier, it’s important to compensate by going to bed a little earlier, as well. That way, you give yourself the rest you need.

5. Do something productive.
Don’t waste all that extra time! Get a jump on your to-do list and cross something off. That way, you start your day off in a positive direction. However, don’t plan on doing something you’re dreading. That might make staying in bed just a little too tempting.

6. Get outside!
Believe it or not, stepping outside for a few moments to soak up some of the morning sun or to enjoy a little cool breeze can really help you get going! Take a moment to enjoy a little nature before you begin your day.

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