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Scholastic Winners from Our Workshops

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is a highly prestigious contest that recognizes the most promising voices in middle and high school. This year, they received 350,000 entries. Only the top 15% of the entries receive an award. All of our eligible students participate, and some submit more than one piece. We had 21 winners!!

Today, we are going to give you some honorable mention winners who submitted through our Workshops. Alyssa W. took our Poetry Workshop, and Emilia F. took our Creative Writing: Voice Basics Workshop and submitted in the Flash Fiction Category.

Here’s Hoping

By Emilia F., Texas, 8th Grade

Day after day I watch Ethan run in and out. I see him grab baseball bats, finish homework at his desk, and attempt to clean this pigsty he calls a room. I watch as he reads all the other books as I just lie there in his “to be read pile”. The thing is, I am never read. More books just get piled on top of me as I collect dust. It is like I am a part of a vicious circle of almost being picked to be the coveted chosen one, just to have more books shoved on top of me or used as a coaster. I sometimes wonder if the reason that I am not chosen time and time again is because of my content. I am what you call a classic. I was written in a different era for a different audience. I am slower-paced with more romance and scandal and filled with less action. I have big words and was written in a style of English that is hard for many to comprehend. Maybe that is why I am never chosen by the adventure-craving teenager, I am simply too boring. He likes to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels that are chock-full of deadly escapades and bloodshed. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those books, they are lovely to be around and very sympathetic.  Well, except for Ethan’s absolute favorites, they are complete suck-ups. They are snotty and have developed superiority complexes, just because they are displayed on his actual shelves.  Since I have never been read, it is yet to be discovered if I am worthy of such a wonderful position. If I could just be given the chance, I could show Ethan all that I have to offer in my story. I could even unlock a whole new genre of books and expand his vocabulary. I know I am not much to look at, considering the majority of my pages are starting to fray with age, my cover is beaten up, and only an outline remains of what my cover picture was. Perhaps I will someday be selected and read. I might even become a favorite and voraciously read time after time until I am no longer legible. I will bask in the glory I so desperately desire, and all the other books will wish they were me. Although, until then, I will wait patiently and hope with all of my pages that I will be read. All Ethan needs to do is open me up and after that, I am certain I will be loved.

Poetry Collection

By Alyssa W., California, 7th grade

Spring Rain

The spring rain lightly
kisses the soil,
awaking seeds

That become buds,
Where hidden tender
petals lay,

a promise of bloom
where they become
plum flowers
swaying in the wind with
their silent beauty.

Allergy Season

Beautiful cherry trees
glistening blossoms
pink petals dancing
Spring should be a delight

But my eyes are itching,
my nose is runny,
a silent attack,
have just begun.

Small ghosts flying through the air
so light, so bright
floating dust in nose and eyes
allergy is so annoying
I can’t stand the sight.

A white tissue
from a classmate
We smiled at each other
empathy is the best thing in 
an allergy season.

Sounds of Water

Gurgling, gurgling
Soft ripples
water slapping against the pebbles
pushing the verdant cattail

On the beach
with crystal clear water
on a cool summer day
where the waves only just
patter by her dangling feet

Deeper, deeper
breathing with life
Meditation in nature

Kids run on the wet sand
laughing, splashing, frolicking
The melody changing

Rumbling, rumbling
Heavy rain is coming
The fish pop out of the water to seek shelter
A frog jumps from the lotus leaf into the pond
Everything goes to peace
The calm before the storm

Interested in Preparing Your Own Story?

Is your child interested in taking our Creative Writing or Poetry workshop so that they can enter the Scholastic Contest this fall?  Or perhaps they need a grammar refresher or help preparing college applications.

Whatever your need, we have a workshop designed to help. Our workshops last four weeks and are self-paced through each week–all assignments are due Friday EST. These classes are wonderful supplements to encourage your child in the things they do well, or help them focus in on the things they need to work on.

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