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Academic Writing Semester


This semester prepares students for writing in the business world.

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This semester gives students skills across three types of writing all high school students need before graduation. They will learn to read and respond to short pieces of writing, create a comparison, and write persuasively. Students will develop their skills across three units lasting one month each. Modules can begin at any time starting in September 2024 and may be taken in succession or spaced out over the semester or school year.

Unit 1: High School Essay Writing

  • Week 1: Brainstorming, Thesis Statements and Introductions
  • Week 2: Outlining and Organizing Your Essay
  • Week 3: Writing Essays
  • Week 4: Fully Developed Essays and Timed Essays

Unit 2: Comparison Writing

  • Week 1: Introduction to Comparison Writing
  • Week 2: Organizing Your Comparison
  • Week 3: Drafting Your Comparison Paper
  • Week 4: Writing with Voice

Unit 3: Persuasive Writing

  • Week 1: Introduction to Persuasive Writing
  • Week 2: Elements of Persuasive Writing
  • Week 3: Drafting Your Persuasive Essay
  • Week 4: Persuasive Letter Writing


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