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Individualized Coaching Sessions

Professional evaluations of your writing, at your convenience!

Our Individualized Coaching Sessions are designed to give you focused, professional feedback on an individual assignment. The options available are flexible to meet your needs. This service is available for:

Our evaluators are all degreed professionals with years of experience reviewing and editing papers. We have packages to help you every step of the way—from brainstorming to completed piece!
You can pick from email-only interactions or meet your evaluator for one or more video conferences.
Please note: Students taking WFTH classes receive these evaluations on their assignments as part of the class. However, students are welcome to submit any essay, creative work, or paper written independently.

Choose Your Service

Single Email Evaluation:

Submit a completed draft of your paper, and it will be evaluated for content, voice, organization, grammar, and mechanics. Your evaluator will insert comments directly into your paper, making suggestions and asking questions. The feedback will be specific to the assignment that you provide and purpose of the work. Your paper will be reviewed by a professional and returned within 5 working days. Up to 3000 words. Contact us for longer projects. Cost: $35

Single Video Conference:

Schedule a 30-minute conference with a degreed professional to discuss an upcoming project, answer questions about a current project, or get help on a draft you have started. Note: To get the full value of this session, it is a good idea to email any drafts when scheduling, but you will not receive written feedback. All feedback will be during the video conference. Up to 3000 words. Contact us for longer projects. Cost: $55
Package of five individual video conferences: $250

Brainstorming Package:

If you’re uncertain about choosing a topic or having trouble getting started writing, schedule a 30-minute video conference. We will discuss the project and give you ideas for how to get started. After the conference, we will send you a follow up email outlining the suggestions we discussed. Includes one video conference and one summary email. This does not include an evaluation of any drafts. Up to 3000 words. Contact us for longer projects. Cost: $60

Email Revision Package:

Send us an email outlining your first completed draft and we will reply with feedback. Then we will have a 30-minute video conference discussing your writing project. After the video conference, you will send us a revised draft of your project. We will reply with another set of suggested revisions in an email. Includes two emails and one video conference. Up to 3000 words. Contact us for longer projects. Cost: $95

Complete Coaching:

Begin by scheduling a 30-minute video conference so that we can brainstorm your project together. After the conference, write your paper and email it to us to review. We will then have a final video conference to discuss further suggestions. Includes two video conferences and one email. Up to 3000 words. Contact us for longer projects. Cost: $135
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