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Write from the Heart: A Resource Guide to Engage Writers


Write from the Heart: A Resource Guide to Engage Writers is a complete writing handbook for middle and high schoolers.

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This book covers the writing process with the writer’s voice in mind. When a student is excited about writing, it’s easy to help them apply the rules to make what they are already proud of even better.  It covers ten different styles of writing including personal narratives, fictional stories, informative writing, persuasive writing, analytical writing and book reviews.  It also includes an extensive section on research writing focusing on modern research challenges.

This resource guide can be used as a stand-alone teaching tool for students and parents and includes practice activities and two writing assignments with every chapter.  It is also used in conjunction with Write from the Heart’s online classes as a resource manual for all classes.

Write from the Heart: A Resource Guide to Engage Writers is divided up into nine sections covering all parts of the writing process:

  • Planning Your Writing helps students find a topic that inspires them, but also addresses the importance of considering the audience and having an organized outline.
  • Parts of a Draft covers all the pieces needed to create a successful essay or creative work, including thesis statements, fully developed paragraphs, and smooth transitions.
  • Voice Techniques helps students understand that the main component of writing well is expressing themselves well. It introduces the five elements of voice and discusses how to add details, inner ideas, and figurative language into every style of writing.
  • Creative Writing Styles introduces how to write creatively through poetry, fictional stories, and creative nonfiction.
  • Academic Writing Styles looks at writing for educational and professional situations including analytical, informative, comparison, and persuasive writing.
  • Research Strategies explains not only how to find reliable sources, but how to integrate them smoothly into a paper.
  • MLA Guide provides students with the technical steps for creating proper citations for research in the style required by the Modern Language Association.
  • Grammar Guide reviews all the basic rules for sentences, punctuation, capitalization and other errors and teaches students how to avoid common mistakes. A companion workbook is available for further practice in conjunction with this section.

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