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Father & Tween Son Dual Journals


Companion journals designed to build your relationship with your teenager!

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Designed to start the pre-teen years out right, these journals help you connect to your pre-teen and enrich your relationships while strengthening writing skills.  Each version contains questions that are tailored to either the parent or the tween, but are parallel questions.  For example:

For Tween Son: What is your dream job?  Why?
For Father: What was your dream job when you were a pre-teen? Why?

These parallel questions can be written in the journal ahead of time, and then parents can come together with their child to discuss what they each wrote.  Questions are designed to build connections between you and your child.

Each journal contains 30 prompts, with two pages for writing answers.  Additional pages are provided at the end for further reflection, longer entries, or notes on your conversations.

Available in both ebook and spiral-bound paperback.

Digital products are non-refundable. Physical products are refundable for 30 days with proof of purchase. View refund policy for details.


Father, Tween, Both Journals

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